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Hub Hive 11 is at Mohan Cooperative, Delhi

Position your business in India and take advantage of the country’s commercial growth. Move into your offices and get to work straight away with high-speed WiFi, ergonomic furniture and office essentials ready to go.

Whether you’re a freelancer who wants to come in part-time, a team of more than 50 professionals or you just want to work nights & weekends, this Best Coworking Space In Mohan Cooperative caters to all your corporate needs.

Available Workspace

Hubhive11 office floor

Standard Private Cabins

Standard Private Cabins are perfect for those who want a comfortable and private space to work.

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Flexi Seat Plans

Flexi Seat Plans are a great option for those who want flexibility in their workspace. These plans allow you to choose from a variety of seating options.

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Premium Private Cabins

Premium Private Cabins are our most luxurious accommodation option.

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Fix Seat Plans

Fix Seat Plans are ideal for those who want a permanent workspace. These plans assign you a specific desk in our workspaces.


Easy Metro Connectivity

Prime Locations

High Speed Internet

Printing Services

Access Meeting Rooms across Locations

Onsite staff

Unique common areas

Phone booth


We at hub hive 11, are passionate about designing the perfect co-work environment. A great deal of thought and planning is put into each space. All of our offices are unique, but there are still core perks that hub hive 11 provides that makes workspace a true asset to your day to day business.

At Hub Hive 11, we invariably promotes healthy work culture that helps you construct networks. With a shared work environment such as Hub Hive 11, you can create new ventures, manufacturers or brands. Lay down better opportunities for your respective businessess. Our Team will always be there to coordinate with you in every possible scenario.

Work hard, play harder it's not a cliché it’s one of our values. Everyone is welcome in Hub Hive 11, we celebrate each other and support each other. Culture is a catalyst for engagement, collaboration and innovation. When culture and business goals align, employees are more engaged which yields higher returns. Beyond engaging employees for the sake of revenue, a healthy culture fosters collaboration and innovation.



  • Metro Station, Badarpur Border
  • Police Station, Badarpur

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